Thursday, August 11, 2005

Brag Brag Brag!

I just got back from a visit to the doctor for Megan's 18 month check up. Pretty routine sorta stuff. Look in the ears, listen to the heart blah blah blah. However, as he was checking her out Megan was repeating everything he was saying.
Doctor: "okay Megan I'm just going to listen to your heart.
Megan: "heart" and when he was finished "There!" "Ah done!"
Then she was tired of standing on the exam bed
"UP! Down! Up! Down!Up!" (she's never quite sure when to use which so it's almost always both)
Doctor: "She has exceptional speach for a child her age, most children at 18 months are saying only a few words. Not only is she speaking well, but she's understanding also." And I quote."Wow!"
The doctor actually said "wow!" about my daughter. I just have to brag a bit. Not only is she seriously the cutest little person EVER, but she's a genius too. And of course it's only because of my superior parenting skills. The fact that every day for hours on end I sit with Megan and we go over proper phonetics and sentence structure using flash cards and other stimulating learning methods. Or maybe it's because she has my blood running through her veins and she inherited my brilliance and sheer genius. And it's because of the fact that she takes after me in so many other things like my stubborness and ability to be frustrated in less than two milliseconds at the tiniest little thing it can only be assumed that she takes after me in that she learns things so quickly...
most likely it's those infernal Baby Einstein videos that she's been watching for the majority of her short life. Once again usurped by Baby Einstein. It's becoming quite a love, hate relationship here in this household. Oh well, I don't care. She's still a genius, and she's still mine. I'm proud of her.

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