Thursday, August 11, 2005

Little minds

Yesterday I bought a package of those little plastic barrets. You know the kind. You probably had the exact same ones in your hair when you were a kid. Different colors molded to look like different things, flowers, bows, etc. Anyway, I put the little green ones in Megan's hair today to keep the mop from hanging in her eyes because I refuse to cut it to look like a big bowl. You know, bangs starting from the crown of the head extending forward, and trimmed all around in a perfect symmetry of bowlness. I refuse. So barrets it is. Except a hour after I had perfectly clipped Megans hair back all pretty and girly, Ben came up to me holding the two barrets in his hands. He handed them over proclaiming proudly "I took the celery out of Megan's hair for you mommy!"
"Uh...Thanks Ben.."

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