Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Cryin Shame!

This morning we woke up to the shocking sound of our daughter screaming blue murder at five am. Now, there's crying and then there's crying. And she wasn't even crying. She was screaming as though she was being bitten by a thousand fire ants a hundred times over. I've never heard her this way. I seriously thought something was wrong with her. Nothing would calm her, not I or Dustin or her bottle or soother. Anything we tried seemed to make her scream harder. What could we do but let her writhe in agony. And then, it came to me... Baby Einstein... Would you believe that the instant it came on she stopped crying and started smiling in excitement. Great, the comforts of a mothers loving arms could not stand a chance against the assurance and care of hand puppets and video clips of amimals galavanting about on the TV screen. At least she calmed down. Thank you Julie Clark, we're it not for your videos, my child I'm sure would still be writhing about in a state of absolute inconsolable rage. Now it's only seven am and she's already down for her morning nap. Is it time for me to go to bed yet? ch

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