Thursday, August 04, 2005

Everything in moderation

This morning as with most mornings lately I woke to find Ben's bed empty. As I walked down the stairs I knew exactly what I'd find. And true to my suspicions there was Ben, sitting very comfortably on the couch, blankie on his lap and the large container of chocolate chips on top. How long he'd been like that it's hard to say. As he saw me approaching panic mode set in and he started grasping handfuls of them as he knew I would take them away. "I want just a few mommy, just a few. " As if that will make it okay if he only wants a few instead of the whole container. Though I know very well that he does indeed want the whole container. Don't we all? I think it's time I found a new place for the chocolate chips. Maybe I'll put bitter bakers choclate in the old container. It's pretty cute though watching him try and pull all his "moves" on me to try and get what he wants. And let's be honest here, I am a bit of a softie when it comes to Ben. The fact that I got a little bowl and gave him of the chips says it all doesn't it? After all it's only a few you guys. ch

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