Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy Birthday my dear little Benjamin

Three years ago today at approximately this very hour I was on the recieving end of a large catheter into my spinal cord. Ah the numbing relief of anaesthetic. I still remember so vividly the first moments of holding him. So little and quiet, so swollen and red. Not really cute at all yet but even so...my son. SO beautiful to me. And it didn't take long before he transformed into the CUTEST little chunker.
The first year of Ben's life was a bit uproarious. We moved four times and lived in DUMPY trailers. It's a good thing for us Ben was such an easy going little baby. Almost always happy and smiling. Content to just be his chubby sweet little self. Don' tlet that sweet innocent smile fool you though. His mischievousness could rival the best of them. And still can.

Ben's second year has been somewhat more stable. We've now lived in the same home for a year and a half. A record for us. Although we did throw a little sister into the muck of things for him. Which did take a bit of getting used to but I don't think he remembers life without Megan. How could life have even been enjoyable without another little person to torture all day long. No one to push over or steal toys or lay on top of so that they can't move and scream in agony. A life without that would be no life at all. However dispite all his teasing Ben genuinely loves Megan and hates to see her truly upset. He will try so hard to soother her when she's truly upset it's so sweet.
And now dear Ben you are three, two short years away from Kindergarden and the ultimate breakdown of your dear mother. I love who you are and I'm so thankful for the time that I've been able to share with you You are SUCH a joy to me. Keep laughing and smiling and learning and growing my dear boy.
Love Mommy. Happy Birthday


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Benny!
We love you and think that you are a terrific three year old!!
Congrats Dustin and Christy on a wonderful family!!
hugs and blessings,
Justin and Liz

Angella said...

Graham asked me to wish you a happy birthday. He thinks you're cool, is glad you're his buddy. Plus, he likes your toys.