Thursday, September 15, 2005

And the walls came tumbling down.

I believe my children woke up this morning and had a little meeting before Dustin and I got up. And I'm pretty sure it went a little like this.
Ben:Hey Megan so, have you noticed all the SWEET climbing apparati just aching to climbed in our house?
Megan: What's apparati?
Ben: You know, all the shelves and counters and beds and walls?
Megan: Ooohhhh. Yeah?

And thus went my day. Ben and Graham pulled down a tall shelf in Ben's room stacked with toys and blankets this morning by trying to climb it. I ran upstairs to the sound of a loud bang and then muffled crying. There they were, both wailing beneath a sea of toys and blankets and one large shelf. Thankfully they were okay. (Sorry Angella, I promise I do take good care of your children.)

How many times do you think two small children can push a kitchen chair over to the kitchen counters and climb up on top? Guesses anyone? Enough times to make me crawl in a corner in the fetal position to visit my "happy place".

To top it all off Megan pulled down her very heavy armoir over on top of her after attemping to climb it this evening. Seriously, how are my children still breathing? Today I took a parenting exam and I think when my grade comes back and I have to take the paper back to my parents to sign they won't be impressed. Can I have a redo?

After we fished Megan's (thankfully unharmed body) from beneath the armoire (whoa deja vu!)
she stood there in a bit of shock pointing forcefully at the big mess shouting in a shaky voice. "NO! NO! NO! Deenjer!" That's right Megan, No climbing. Danger!

Christy Heigh, parenting 101. F-

Oh yeah, then just before bedtime Megan ripped a little ikea shelf off the wall that held a few pictures by hanging on it. Then an hour later Ben did the same thing. I'm done. No more for me. I'm sleeping all day tomorrow. Anyone want two monkeys for a day? No seriously they're two monkeys. Somehow the zoo stole my real children and gave me these two orangutangs instead.


Not to mention I hurt my husbands feelings tonight. But that's a whole different story alltogether.

Christy Heigh: wifeing 101. F-

Today I feel very incompetent at the two very important jobs I have been given. Two jobs that I can't nor do I want to quit. I love being awife and a mother. I love it!! The only time I have a hard time is when I feel like I'm not very good at it. It doesn't happen very often. But somedays when I can't quite get a handle on things, like it's spinning out of my control I'd rather just crawl into bed for a good nap. Except I can't. Praise the Lord that His mercies are new every morning and I can wake up tomorrow refreshed to face a new day.

Tomorrow, I know that Megan will push the chair to the counter when I'm not looking and take all the pictures and magnets off the fridge. And when I cantch her and say sternly "Megan! What do you think you're doing?" She'll look at me with her big blue eyes and smile and say. "Mummy!" and point to the picture of me in her hand. And I won't be able to stay upset for even two seconds. And Ben will "help" me do the dishes. And when I leave to use the washroom for a second and come back he'll be sitting in the dirty dishwater having a "tub". And there will be water everywhere. After I pull him from the wwater and exclaim in frustration how much water is on the floor. Ben will come up to me, look me in the eyes and say. " Mommy, I'm so sorry for getting water on the floor." And all I can do is sweep him into a hug and kiss him till he's a giggling mess. I know that tomorrow too will hold it's moments or frustration. But I know too that a thousand moments of trial and frustration is worth one gesture of love from a child.

There see. My perspective has totally shifted and I'm looking forward to another day with my Orangutan babies. Tell the zoo they can keep those other ones. I like the ones I've got.


Angella said...

Christy, you are an amazing mom AND wife. That is why Dustin cherishes you and your kids love you more than they can understand.
Today will be a better day.

Amanda Brown said...

I concur with Angella. You are a wonderful wife and mother, Christy, and I look up to you and Angella for the way you both are so loving and patient with your kids and husbands. You guys rock!

steve said...

Christy Heigh: "Blessed with a beautiful family" 101. A+

Danica said...

It's funny to me because everyday I read your blog and your mommy skillz make me feel like an ameteur.
Your monkeys are very blessed, and one day when they have toddlers of their own, they'll be calling the zoo keeper for a little help.