Friday, September 02, 2005

Cute today, gone tomorrow.

Tomorrow Megan will be eighteen months old. It's hard to believe that Ben was that age when she was born. My goodness I couldn't even imagine having another child at this point. There might be danger of clawing my own eyes out at this point thinking about feeding a newborn and caring for two toddlers. I don't know how some women do it. But, yes someday we will have another. Look at her. She's growing into a little girl. Already her vocab has surpassed what I could have imagined this early on. She even remembers the names of our friends. "Hi Nana!" Is Tianna, "Mana!" Is Amanda and "Looke." Is Luke. But I love it the most when she says Mummy. Especially firt thing in the morning when I go in her room to go get her. When I hear she's awake in the monitor I race up the stairs to her room with more glee and anticipation than a person should have so early in the morning. But, that huge smile when I open the door makes me feel like she's just so happy to see me. "Hi mummy!" But it's always a bit muffled as she says it with her soother in her mouth. I know I know, I really gotta get rid of that thing. She's even more addicted to it than I am to Diet Coke. In fact her soother addiction just might rival Angella's Diet Coke addiction. Now that's getting serious. However there's something so cute and innocent about a little child with a soother in thier mouth. On the same note there's nothing so horrendous looking as a five year old running around the playground with one hanging out thier mouth. I will never let it come to that. In fact, I'm starting today. Soothers ONLY at naptime and nightime.


Amanda Brown said...

SHE IS TOO CUTE! Seriously. I don't know what's in those genes of yours, but wow. :)

Angella said...

Now really. Could anyone be addicyed to ANYTHING like I am to Diet Coke?

Becky said...

who knew she could smile so far past the edges of that soother?? such a cutie. can't wait to see you guys. I'll try to convince trav into finding a job in kelowna in 2 years!