Thursday, September 22, 2005

He does know...

Amanda and I were enjoying each other's company yesterday as she came to visit me for her lunch hour. And no we didn't eat cheeseburgers we are semi-healthy every once in a while...we had a bagel from Timmy's.
As we watched Ellen from the comfort of the couch I heard a somewhat suspicious noise coming from the kitchen. Where I told Ben he could sit and play with his stickers quietly.
"Ben whatcha doin?"
"ummmmm....I don't know."
That's an odd response from a three year old. I suppose I had to peel my bum from the couch and inverstigate. What I found was much worse than I imagined. Marker EVERYWHERE! And Ben standing there looking up at me innocently holding a red marker in his hands.
"What's in your hands Ben?"
"i don't know?"
"did you draw on things you're not supposed to?"
(a little firmer this time)"DID you DRAW ON THE WALL BEN?"
"do you think that was good or bad?"
"really? You think that drwing on everything is good?" (I guess why else would he do it right?)
"Well, it's bad Ben and you're going to clean it up."
it was supposed to be a punishment but I think Ben liked the cleaning better than the drawing. I'd better come up with a more effective punishment next time. And NO MORE UNSUPERVISED COLORING! Praise the Lord it was washable markers and everything cleaned up well. Including Megan's little pink puppy.


Amanda Brown said...

Aww, he had to scrub the walls! So cute. You should get him going on the floors. Child labour at its finest. :)

karen said...

Next thing he needs is a paper route to earn his keep! :) Those Mr. Clean magic erasers do wonders on things like pencil on the wall. Good thing it was washable marker, though.