Friday, September 23, 2005


I actually got to sleep in today. Wonder of wonders I truly did. I needed it too. Dustin and I stayed up till 1:30 watching LOST . I've gotta say. Watching an entire season on DVD is the way to go. No commercials, no sitting there at the end of the episode wishing it were next week already. I swear, if we didn't know any better we'd sit and watch all forty episodes back to back until our eyes bleed. We've been going in sets of five. As that's how many are on each DVD.
When we finally dragged our slumpy selves to our bed at one thirty and were about two seconds from falling into the peaceful darkness of slumber...
MOMMYYYYY! cough...cough...
Oh no, sounds like he's going to barf...
As I ran into the room a fountain of pink barf was pouring from Ben's mouth onto the bed. Like about a gallon per heave. I had nothing.
He hurled about five towels at my head just in time to watch the grand vomitus finale.
Ben looked at me shivering, sitting in his new pink pool.
You okay Benny?
yeah, I feel better now.
After the bed was stripped and remade Ben wanted me to sit and rub his back till he fell asleep.
Dutin was reminiscimg of how his mom used to sit and rub his back when he was sick. My mom did too. There's nothing like the safe, comforting feeling as sick child of your mommy sitting there whispering thier words of comfort as they gently rub your back to sleep.
As a mom, I now know there's nothing like that feeling of being wanted and needed in that way. Of knowing how much peace and comfort your loving touch can bring to your child. Especially when they're sick or afraid. So, even those nights when sleep is scarce, I woudn't have it any other way. Today though, my sweet hubby took the kids and let me sleep in.


Janice Vandyk said...

Hey Christy, nice blog!! It's Janice (Doeve) Vandyk. Sorry about your son, i hate it when my kids are ill!! You have really cute kids! check out my blog at

karen said...

You'll find this season of Lost torture because you'll have to wait till next week!
Hope Ben is feeling better.