Thursday, September 29, 2005


I cant believe it. I spent an hour and a half writing about how beautiful Christy was, how muched I loved her and I go to post and I lose it all. So, here I go again, because I truely do love her.

I first met Christy at Caperwray. She came late to school because she lopped her finger off at work. But when she finally arrived, there was a buzz throughout the testosterone. Whispers of, "Did you see that new girl, dang, she is real pretty?"
"Yeah, she is, really pretty."
She was beautiful. She was instantly noticeable, fresh and bright like pink and yellow. She was unavoidably gorgeous. She was shocking.
We spent a lot of time walking in the forests and on the beaches at Thetis Island. Being with her reminds me of growing up in Wasa Lake. That's a little town in the Rockies near Cranbrook. I loved to walk in the forests there. They were clear and open not thick and dense with all sorts of underbrush. I used to follow my brother around and climb trees and fall out. There were a lot of shooting star flowers there in those forests (shown here). They are my favorite. Christy is like that. Let me explain.
She makes me blink slow, smile half way, tilt my head back and let the sun shine through my eyelids. Those flowers stand, leaning in the wind on the forest floor. They are bold and striking, irresistable. The smell of pine is sharp and fresh. Sunlight warms the forest floor and makes cool shadows under the pine needles and cones. The forest floor is clean and clear, it seems as though the sunlight were surprised as it leaps off the dew drops crowning the grass. The bird song is bright and thoughtful. The trees are tall and inviting, strong and patient. It is quiet there, on the edge of silence and on the verge of shouting. Adventure and dreams walk there. Rays of sunshine through the branches; hope and promise. She is that place to me. Being with her takes me there, back to when I was a little boy. My heart is at home with her. She is lovely and completely captivating. I adore her.


Angella said...

She IS an amazing woman. I am glad I get to call her "friend"

nelly said...

and I get to claim her as daughter Oh how I love and am so proud of her. Thats truly my girl. Love, mom

Anonymous said...

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