Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ever Stronger

This past May for our anniversary Dustin and I were able to free ourselves from the deathgrips of work and children and head out to Vancouver Island for a beautiful romantic holiday.
It was so great. Just what we needed.
We spent a few days in Victoria racing around on scooters, eating nachos, sightseeing, makin out in the back of the car. You know, good wholesome no-kids-fun type activities.
We even made it out to Capernwray for a bit. To visit the place where it all began. It was odd being there. We kept expecting to run into all the students we went to school with that year. We did meet up some great friends from then who now work on staff there. (Hey Kevin and April!!)
We played the Bohnanza (the bean game) for like eight hours. And they fed us delicious food.
Before we left we had to go find the place by the water where we carved our initials in a tree. But, when we got there the big arbutus was gone! I guess there'd been a storm and whole bunch of trees were knocked over. After twenty minutes or so of searching there it was on the very same tree only now it was sagging over another felled tree covered in brush. But, there it was from five years past. I was beautiful. I wondwe if it will still be there even ten years from now. Cuz D and I, we will be. And our love will be ever stronger.

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