Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some kinda wonderful!

Yay I found a picture of the two of us together. It is rare indeed. THis was taken when we were in Mexico last January. What an awesome trip that was. We went with my whole family. Parents, children, in-laws, the whole shebang. Minus the grandkids. What a blast. But, I think next time I want to take just my husband. At least we got our own room. Our trip itself could be a whole new Blog. Maybe I'll let you all in on it a little more in the future. As for now, I won't pretend like i have anything witty or brilliant to talk about. So, that's it for today.


Amanda Brown said...

"H" to the "O" to the "T"...you guys make a smashing couple! Nice pic!

Becky said...

i miss mexico! I hope there's a next time, and by then, Travis can come! You guys are a very good looking couple, no wonder your kids are so cute!