Monday, October 17, 2005

Blessings from heaven above

This weekend I was in the nursery on Sunday and was talking with the ladies there. One of the women there commented on how I looked too young to have two kids already. Well, we started young, I had Ben when I was just 22 years old. Neither Ben nor Megan was planned.
She went on the tell me how she had longed for children at the tender young age of 22 but it just wasn't in God's plan for them. Fifteen years of trying later after she had her first child. She shared how she rarely gets babysitters and enjoys every second of her children growing up. "I didn't wait fifteen years to have kids only to have someone else watch them for me."
Wow. I was very challenged and encouraged hearing her joy in serving and raising her children. Today, I am overjoyed to be at home with kids. I'm thankful that I can be at home with them. I'm challenged to appreciate them on a deeper level. I see them in a new light for the amazing blessing they are to me. A treasure, a gift. I too don't want to miss a moment.
Even the two days we were away from Ben and Megan during Jen and Steve's wedding they changed. Seeming older and learned new things, and different words.
I still feel that time away from your children to be alone or spend time with your spouse is very valuable and in my life I need those times every now and again but I love it when I'm reminded of what a precious gift I have in my two beautiful, fun, healthy children. My cup runneth over.


nelly said...

yes areal blessing wish thwy were here

Angella said...

My cup runneth over too. And sometimes it's a bottle, and a trail of milk drops...
We have it so good - so many moms cry every day as they drop thewir kids off at daycare - we are blessed to see our kids all day long (with the occasional break for sanity's sake)