Monday, October 17, 2005

The nuttiness continues.

SO, we've already established that Dustin and I are oddballs but I haven't yet mentioned my children. Which I maybe should because i do believe that those two are even more wacked out than their parents. I realise it more and more everyday. I constantly find myself looking at them with raised eyebrows and then shaking my head at them. There ought to be awards for such things.
For example:

Today, I discovered Megan flinging herself with great speed and agility onto the couch face first and then she would bounce off back to the position in which she started, giggle and do it again.

Then there's her "dancing" which isn't really dancing at all but pivoting herself around and around at astounding speed it doesn't even look as though she's enjoying herself because the look of concentration on her face to keep from falling over is so intense it looks painful.

And there's the times when she just randomly starts shaking her head back and forth in such a violent fashion I fear her brain is going to fly out her ear and hit the wall. I don't know, maybe she just likes the way her wispy hair feels hitting her face as does this. She probably doesn't know yet how intelligent it makes her look.

Now, she hasn't done this in awhile but when she was younger she would bend over until her head was resting on the floor between her feet and just stay there for an unnatural period of time just looking around, with her arms reaching up to the sky. I suppose the world just looks better upsidedown. I can relate to that.

It also amases me how hard Megan can hit objects on her own head and still find it funny. It's honestly a bit worrying sometimes the force with which she can whack something over her head acontinue to giggle. It must be the reaction she gets out of her parents and brother. And no we dont encourage this behaviour...often.

One more thing about Megan that I find odd is her passion for sucking up disgusting fluids. From puddles to toilet bowl water to sucking on dirty dishcloths, she cannot resist the opportunity to injest putrid liquid. It's very disturbing. I'd be ashamed if you knew how many times I've had to take away a wet plunger that she'd been sucking on. Yes, I too had that reaction. BLECH!!!!

Well, it would seem so far we have only one weird child but that is not the case. Mind you Megan is far more daring and high energy Ben is quietly odd and goes about his business in a
fashion that unless you're paying attention you would
miss the strange things that go on in that
boys world.


Amanda Brown said...

I am glad you had nutty kids! It makes life more fun. I mean, how can you not laugh when you see Woody hanging out of your son's bum crack? They're both great, and you and Dustin are doing a wonderful job of raising them.

Stephanie said...

I hope he didn't learn the move to put Woody hanging out of his crack from his father..or his mother for that matter!! love you guys

Becky said...

Megan is a nutcase. But also really smart. How did Ben manage to get woody lodged so well? I hope it wasn't with help or encouragement from his parents! Love you!

nelly said...

I too enjoy your childrens sense of humor, wonder where they get it? ever read your blog? you make me laugh all the time.Mom