Friday, October 14, 2005

Bring on the Nuttiness

Well, a few people have started writing on thier Blogs about how wacky and crazy they can be at home and even challenging others to do the same. I'm glad to hear that other couples break down and relieve the daily stresses by allowing themselves to go completely bonkers every now and then. Dustin and I...well, we're no different.
My favourite scenario is always in the car. After travelling for an hour or so in bored silence, Dustin will turn to me and twist his face into a disturbing renditon of Rain man, meets FreddyKreuger and these very strange handicapped noises start spurting from between his lips. I usually shake my head at him but in recent times I've been reciprocating the action. He always laughs and says, "Oh my goodness! I don't think you should ever do that again." it's great cuz then we end up giggling the rest of the way to wherever we're going.
Dance sessions are always a hoot at our house. Mostly because neither of us can dance but we try valliantly to get down and do the Beyoncee botty shake. Dustin's actually pretty good if you can imagine that. My favourite is when the pants get pulled up to the armpits and the personjust stands there waiting until the other person notices. Hilarious. Or whoever is walking up the stairs in front of the other lets thier bum hang out of thier pants so when you look up to see where you're going all you see is a big white bum. It's a shocker late at night.
For some reason we started calling eachother "the moo-moo" and it's stuck ever since. We walk into a room, and say "it's a moo-moo." We too have a song and it goes:
"I gotta moo-moo and he/she is so moo-moo
I gotta moo-moo
I know it's SO lame but it's just what we do. Megan is the Mugsy, or Muggins, ben is Benjemimah, or benny boo bear or the benny. Even Ben is starting to call Megan Muggins and we've heard him call us moo-moo before too. They really have no chance for normality. I gre up with Kooky parents and I loved that. Although I had to think twice about who I was bringing over. So will our kids I'm sure but I'd rather that then if we were staunch and boring.
I say, bring on the nuttiness!

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Jen said...

Not lame at all! We do the bum thing too. Adds a little spice to life. Glad we aren't the only ones. :)