Friday, October 14, 2005


Today, i sat down to read my mom's Blog and there was a post on it about it being my brother's birthday today. Up until that point I'd totally forgotten. What a horrible big sister I am. So, I decided I'd give him a post. An ode to Darren James Vriend on his 24th birthday.
Darren and I have always had a special connection growing up. Not to say we never fought, we most certainly did that of all things. From him throwing a plate at my head and it shattering as it smashed into the fireplace from the time he chased me with a butcher knife and stabbed it into the bathroom door behind which I stood taunting him.
My poor mother.
Darren and I share the same goofy, sarcastic sense of humour. We love to tease our mom and make our dad laugh. Not that teasing mom makes him laugh, at least not all the time. We even once made up a secret handshake one night while sitting in the back of our big ol van.
"it's CREEZY!
it's CREEZY!
wa wa wa
doodle doodle da
1 800 661 2200"
It might seem wierd but at the time we thought it was so cool. It even had really awesome hand moves to compliment the amazing song. I miss him. Every Christmas and Thanksgiving when he's there we all laugh until our sides hurt at the things that fly out of his mouth. Except for my mom maybe. Kidding. I hope our kids don't tease me the way we tease my mom. Well, we all know where we get it from. We had an amazing example from my father. He'd always say with a sly grin on his face "Your mother wears army boots." And then he'd laugh as he got a big jab in the ribs from my mom. What does that mean anyways? Your mother wears army boots. I'm assuming it's not really complimentary.
Well, Happy Birthday Dare-Bear, Darn, Dutch, Dah-hawan...
Love you!!! See you at Christmas!!
PS. Ladies, he's single and isn't he cute?!

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Becky said...

Happy Birthday, indeed. I, too, thought that handshake was the COOLEST! But then, I thought anything you did was the coolest. Just a few months ago, I recited that handshake to Travis, hand motions and all, and he thought I was crazy. Welcome to the family, eh? Love you!