Friday, October 07, 2005

I Think I've got it!!

Well, what do all you Heigh Blog readers think of this template? The fact that I've managed to copy and paste and get the URL and all that computer junk going is truly astounding. I'm really not very computer literate but all this Blogging is teaching me alot. I think I'd one day love to be a web designer. A few months ago I really only knew how to email. And now look at me. A bonified Blogger. Whatever bonified means anyways but it seemed to work. So, I think now I'll get back to posting instead of fiddling with my template for just awhile. Thanks for your patience friends. And thanks everyone for reading my blog!


April said...

Hi. I like it a lot. It makes me want to change mine but I have no idea how. Can you help me "bonified blogger"?

karen said...

love it!!

Adele said...

It look fantastic Christy so I'm still sulking that mine looks so bad!

Angella said...

It's TOTALLY you!

nelly said...

I am the lucky grandma who gets the kids for 3 days , can you believe this is the first time I get them all to myself? its about time you trusted me with those 2!cant wait love, anxious grandma,nelly