Friday, October 07, 2005

Road Trips with Toddlers.

So, this weekend Dustin and I are packing up and headin out to Cow Town. Some very dear friends of ours are taking the plunge into marriage this weekend. It should be a wonderful way to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend, giving praise and glory to God with thankful hearts for the wonderful blessing of marriage. Although the eight plus hour trip from Summerland to Calgary will most certainly put my own wonderful marriage to the test. We do however have a portable DVD player which will prove once again to be a life/marriage saver. That and gravol. I know some people think it's SO horrible to drug your children before going on a long road trip but isn't that what gravol is for? I remember my mom doing the same for me. Or maybe it was because she got tired of mopping up my vomit. I get a little car sick from time to time.
Anyways, once we get there we'll be making a trade off with my parents, they get to play with our dear wonderful children for three days and we get the very rare but cherished gift of spending a weekend childless. Just think of it. Sleeping in... Staying up past nine...Eating out without having to spend the last fifteen minutes picking sixteen hundred soggy fries up off the ground. Ah the sheer bliss...
But of course we'll have to end our weekend with another Looooong drive back home. But, it will be great. Great to see Steve and Jen finally get married.


April said...

Please take lots of pics for us. We aren't able to go & we would love to be there.

you're so lucky.


Joyce said...

Nelly must be on cloud nine...i know I would be...maybe i will visit her so i can see the kids

Stender Statement said...

Say hello and congrats from me! Would love to be back at home in Calgary. I'm sure it will be a wonderful weekend for you two!! Have a ton of fun! ~nancy