Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Kauffmans!!

There are few people in our lives who have the ability to bring out our utter lunacy, but I must say that Dustin's sister Danielle and her husband Brad have that capability. We lived in Edmonton near Brad and Danielle for about two years, and what a riot that was. We have hours of footage of us and them (mostly them- being Brad and Dustin) making fools of themselves. If you don't believe me I have proof.

I love observing Dustin with his sister and how he loves to make her laugh. The relationship they share is incredibly special. I hope for Ben and Megan to share the same deep love for each other someday. Although I've heard horror stories of thier fighting when they were still at home.

I miss the days of stitting in thier cozy little trailer drinking hot chocolate and giggling over the nutty things Brad and Dustin would do. Making up dances, vantriloquist performances, improv nights, watching dumb movies. I cherish those memories and look forward to the memories we will make with our children and thiers together.

Brad and Danielle are the type of friends who can be goofy, fun and hilarious and yet generous with thier love and wisdom. They love deeply and give freely of themselves without reservation. Their marriage and how hard they've had to work at it, is an amazing testimony to me. They have a beautiful, dainty little girl now-Chloe Vienna and watching grow and flourish in thier role as parents is amazing. I wish we could see more of them. We love you guys and are thankful beyond words for the blessing you are in our lives.


Amanda Brown said...

Though I've only met them once, I too felt that they were amazing people. The fact that Danielle, though she was with a group of strange girls she had never met, got right in there and was making big double chin pictures with us, is so cool. If they ever moved out here, that would be so fun.
And that bottom picture of Chloe and Danielle is too gorgeous for words. Seriously. A beautiful mom with her beautiful babe.

warchester said...

Aaawwww! That was a boost I tell ya! Thanks so much for saying such sweetness, and the fact that all those sweet things are broadcasted across cyberspace is like a billion brownie points!(You began the post with negative brownie points for the real winner of me & cart boy- but I spose we're the only ones to blame for that!) We love you guys. There's many a dull car ride when we wish you guys were along to help make up jazzy jingles to every sign we see. No one appreciates genuine creativity and wit like our D & C. In fact, we were commenting the other day on the jingle accent you acquire, Christy. Couldn't put a finger on it- not quite British and yet somehow... foreign. Nonetheless catchy and gets a big laugh from the ranks.