Friday, October 28, 2005

My job.

This morning I went to a job enhancement seminar. Otherwise known as a parenting class. Our church is offering these classes as an outreach to families in the community. It's a wonderful way to connect with new people and maybe learn a few tricks of the trade from some veterans out there. It was really good stuff too. All about DISCIPLINE! Something I can always learn more about. I have a hard time being the authoritative parent. Which some people may have a hard time believing because I was such a tough, strong willed child. But really, I hate to discipline my kids. I do it because I know it's necessary but I'm certainly more lenient than Dustin. I suppose I'm, learning to "pick my battles" as they say.
What struck me the most was the importance of having a good relationship with your child before implementing discipline. If a child doesn't feel unconditionally loved and accepted they will not recieve correction positively. Makes sense to me.
I always thought that I'd just know the right thing to say or do when raising my kids. That I'd be confident when faced with thier defiance or disobedience. And sometimes I am but there are times when i know action needs to be taken but I just don't know what or how to execute it.
I suppose that's it's more important to know how to love your children first, because so much of thier acting out is no more than a cry for attention. I guess it's the same with adults isn't it. The stupid things we say or do is almost a challenge to God or those whom we love to love us back. Only we never need ask for God's love because it's eternally there waiting for us to take hold of it and embrace it. I suppose all the answers I'm looking for are always right there in front of me waiting to be discovered. I think too that I probably already know them. For they have been written on my heart.

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Amanda Brown said...

Christy, you are a GREAT mom! You are firm when you need to be, but you let your kids enjoy life, have fun, and just be KIDS. A little puddle of toothpaste on the floor never hurt anyone. :)