Thursday, October 27, 2005

These pics are from our getaway in Calgary to Jen and Steve's wedding. They're late cuz we just got these developed. It's not often we both get all dressed up so I had to post a few. It was really fun. I loved wearing the dress. It's actually borrowed from a good friend of mine, Amanda Brown. It received many a compliment over the duration of the wedding.
Dustin and I were asked to emcee the reception for the wedding which was a bit nerve wracking but all in all pretty fun. Dustin did most of it, because he's just better at that sort of thing. He seems to thrive in those sorts of situations where he's handed a microphone and given free reign to say and do whatever he pleases. Not to mention the fact that he's some pretty nice eye candy. Six feet three inches of dark, delicious goodness.


Becky said...

very nice, Christy! you two are gorgeous. Do you have any more pictures of the blushing bride? Or of you guys emcee-ing? or decorations? I'm all about the wedding pics. That dress is gorgeous on you. Love ya!

Stephanie said...

Looking HOT christy. You guys looked awesome. I love the dress-looks great

Danica said...

Nice dress you hot mama. Hubba hubba.