Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Terrible Threes?

Here's what I'm getting sick of.
The "insta-freak-out". Example:
Ben comes down stairs in the morning looking all sweet and fuzzy, his blankie in his hand dragging behind him. He walks over and gives me and big hug and greets me hello for the day. My heart warms and I set to make him a cup of milk like I have every morning for most of his life. Musing over his gentle sweetness. As I make the pass off from my hand to his...THUD. The milk hits the floor. I look down at Ben confused before a word can even exit my lips.
What the...?
I look down confused. How quickly have we gone from one of such sweetness to this... ?? He is literally laying on the kitchen floor in hysterics, legs and arms flailing. Since when did Ben become the Tazmanian Devil?
Am I so cruel a mother that a child must resort to this behaviour? Am I so unreasonable? Do I seem like the type of person that wouldn't warm up milk if asked?
Apparently so.


Angella said...

I think you're a GREAT mom. A better explanation is that a parasite takes over our kids from the age of 1 until they're 18. Then the cruel reality of the real world makes them realize how AMAZING they had it at home, and they become parasite-free.

Lisa said...

Everyone says the Terrible Two's but honestly, for our family, the three's have been MUCH MUCH worse. We've had that same scene in our kitchen in the morning :) Take a deep breath- we'll get through it as soon as they turn 18! *L*