Monday, November 14, 2005


As I was putting Ben to bed tonight, I looked and him and he just seemed humongous to me. Like he was this monstrous person, hardly a child any longer. It was just a split second and then it passed. Almost like a small glimpse into the future.

"Ben, when did you get to be so big? You're just growing up so fast!"

He looked at me and thought for a bit. And then started to say something I was sure to be a deep profound statement sure to be a moment where we would feel connected and cherished as mother and son.

"And.... and... I was a BIG RED CHICKEN!"

And so you are Ben. So. You. Are.


Angella said...

They DO say the darndest things, don't they?
Graham was ALSO talking about a big red chicken tonight.

Becky said...

So you were hoping for a moment that you can use at his wedding, were you? Maybe you still can, just in a different context.

nelly said...

thats so Ben! I love the things he comes up with. Makes you wonder where thier minds really go you know? Mom