Thursday, November 03, 2005

She likes hugs and...onions???

So there we were sitting down as a family trying to enjoy our dinner in some semblance of order and peace. Ben trying to avoid eating by asking a hundred questions over and over...and over. And Megan was munching on her nightly mound of cucumbers. Yes, she does eat cucumbers. In fact, she loves them. How wierd is that? She wanted more but she'd already ate them all. So I deviously gave her a red onion instead. I watched her put it in her mouth in anticipation of the sour face that would ensue.
Wait for it...wait for it...
Actually, she chewed it up, swallowed it down, and looked me in the eye...
So, I proceeded to give her a little pile of the potent veggie. Which she devoured. Will she ever cease to amaze me? I doubt not.

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Danica said...

Shortly after her first birthday I tossed Adora a lemon wedge one evening as a cruel experiment and she gobbled it right up. Still loves 'em. Limes too.