Thursday, November 03, 2005

Twenty Months

Today Megan is twenty moths old. She seems to be changing on a daily basis. She has surprised be regularly with the little person she has become. Like being cuddly and sensitive. And even OBEDIENT! When she was born she really looked NOTHING like she does to this day. One a head full of black hair she's now a blondie. And her eyes hve developed into a bright stiking blue. She is so beautiful.
I love that she's beginning to attach herself more to her daddy. She used to run away from him when he came home but now she runs to him and gives him kisses and climbs up onto his lab with books. I was Daddy's girl too and there's just something special about being in the arms of your father. So safe and secure.
Megan is and always has been advanced for her age. I'm so proud of her. She's already putting two and three words together. "I be back", "I do it", "Watch Heffalump". My favourite is how if asked a question she will sit and ponder it a minute and then in a quiet voice with a bit of a lisp say "yes" to a quick nod of the head. Soooooo cute.
She's becoming such a little girl. It makes me long for the days when she was but a witty baby. All soft, round and fuzzy. Maybe it's time to have another one...
But, then again maybe not. I'm just enjoying the two muchkins I've got so much right now. I'm not quite ready for the late nights running all day on mere hours of sleep while taking care of two toddlers and a baby. Thinking about it makes my head spin.
I can't believe in few short months my baby girl will be two. In our almost five years of marriage this is the longest stretch we've had without me being pregnant. I must say, it's quite nice.
I'm amazed I actually pumped out a post today. I've got four toddlers on my hands today, my two and the oh so cute dykstra boys. But, it's enough to keep me running. You should see Nathan dance. It's hilarious.


Amanda Brown said...

She really is a precious little girl, Christy. I am always happy when she's still awake for my lunch time visits. She is soo cute and funny and sweet. I like the Meg-ster, that's for sure! :)

Becky said...

So cute, Chris!! If you want to have another baby, don't let the wedding hold you back!! Just let me know if you want to try! I love you so much.