Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What goes around truly does come around.

It's happened. Mom, it's true...I've just been served a big ol, fat platter of justice. And it came in the form of a three foot, blonde haired, sleeper wearing munchkin. Named Megan. Many of you reading this will be thinking..."What? Megan..? But she's always so cute and happy when I see her." Yes, and that is just a part of her ploy. Her little one year old plan to make her mommy look foolish. Little do you all know the monster that emerges from the depths of her being when doors are closed. Now, this doesn't happen often, although lately it is with increasing frequency. But there are times, such as last night, when she will turn and point at me with both barrels and unleash her fury. It is quite unexpected.

Unsuspecting victim number one is washing dishes in the kitchen. (this is me incase you haven't figured it out yet) Purpetrator walkes into kitchen, looks up at victim and says in a sweet voice.

"Please what Megs?"
"I don't know what you want."
"Honey, I can't get you anything until youtell me what you want."
Here comes the foot stomping.
We're getting frantic here.
" want num-nums?"
"milk?" Victim hands prupertrator the bottle.
Bottle goes flying acroos the room and breaks the table right in two. Wood chips fly everywhere. The little one looks up at the biggger one with a crazed look her eye. It's vengence she wants now. Nothing will stand in her way from getting what she wants. Nothing but that woman... She must be punished.

The woman continues with her feeble attempts to pacify this raging being. Soothers get violently thrown, the floor is thunderously kicked. And then there's the screaming. The unbridled, incoherent, torturous, incessant screaming. A whole new level of screaming. Screaming that will not stop. For. anything.

Mom, Dad. I know this story makes you smile because this is exactly what I used to do to you. And I know that for many years you've prayed that I too would have to endure this torture so that I now will understand just what it is that I've put you through. Well, it's happened. Megan is now officially having full blown tantrums. I also know that it's because she can't communicate what it is she wants and that she's still a really sweet kid. But, just so you know. I don't like it!

Well, as it turns out I couldn't figure out what she wanted and a few minutes of torturous wailing in her room seemed to take the fight out of her. And even better was how cuddly she was after. Patience is obviously a virtue that the Lord wants to teach me. I know one thing for sure. I need more of it.


Becky said...

haha! Did you ever figure out what she wanted?

The Dykstra's said...

Don't leave us hanging!!!

Jen said...

IT's so hard for me to believe that that little sweet pea is capable of that. Megan truly melts my heart. I guess I've only seen the one side of her. ;)

Poetsch Family said...

I know exactly what you are going through. Check out my latest posting. It sure is funny when everyone thinks they are so cute, and sweet. If only they knew.

Amanda Brown said...

She may have beastly tendencies, but she's still so cute!!

Danica said...

You're hilarious!
And a great mom to boot.
Love you, miss you,

Angella said...

I've seen her get upset, but not VIOLENT. Did she really break the table???

nelly said...

Grandpa says SUCK IT UP PRINCESS AND GIVE MY GRANDAUGHTER ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING SHE WANTS!and stop blogging about it and pay her more attention!!!!!!!!!!!111

Joyce said...

Do you remember destroying Justins room when I was babysitting you??

I thought Eric had fits!!!!!!

Heidi said...

God makes children cute for a reason. Having been through this stage twice already nothing Brooklyn does surprises me. I truly believe the terrible twos actually start at 18mo and go until 26mo. Be strong.