Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Snot and tears,SNOT AND TEARS

Today was Ben's very first day at "Puddle Jumpers". Now I'm not too sure why it's called Puddle Jumpers other than the fact that it's sort of a cute name for a pre school. Because there were no puddles there that I noticed. Maybe they tend to get kids that pee thier pants there on a regular basis and have to avoid the "puddles" left behind by "jumping" over them. And if that's the kind of playschool it is I might have to rethink my decision in putting Ben in the class as it's not good hygeine to leave pee festering on the floor. But as I mentioned I noticed no puddles. So I guess he can stay for now.

He seemed to have a good time and all was going well until it cane time for all twenty kids and thier parents and siblings to get ready to head home. Wow! I tell you what, wow! It was a madhouse! Twenty something three to five year olds running rampant as thier desperate parents attempt to hold on to them long enough to somehow squeeze them back into thier coats and shoes. Thankfully Ben already had his on. I was also thankful to have been at the front of the pack. I left the building Megan hanging under one arm kicking and screaming and Ben nearly running into traffic. Still I was one up from the mob of people I had left behind. Kids jabbering, screaming, running, parents chasing after them, pleading, coats and bags in hand.

Who are we kidding when we think we're in charge.

Walking back to my van I looked at Ange who was trying to keep her arms around Nathan who seemed to think it a good idea to throw himself head first onto the pavement. And Graham crying that she was walking to fast or something.

"Why did we pay $75 to do this again?" I wondered.

Maybe next week will be better. And I think overall the boys had a good time. I guess it's worth it. Right? Oh the things we do for our kids. And they don't even appreciate it.

And I don't want any smart remarks from you mom or dad.


Angella said...

We paid $75 to have 4 hours a week where we only have to deal with ONE child :)

Poetsch Family said...

Vayda loved going to Puddle Jumpers, no puddles back then either. Trust me, you will enjoy that 4 hours a week with one child.
While Vayda is in school now, Tessa and I get all day together. I don't know how many times throughout the day she says "mommy and me". Happy New Year to you and your family.

nelly said...

fine! then I won/t say anything

Bekah said...

Cant wait....
I can just picture it!
HOpe next week goes better for you Chris.

Vicki said...

Puddle Jumpers is the best! Kayla just started on Tuesday and now that Megan is in Kindergarten, I get 2 hours all to myself. Haven't had that kind of time in over 5 years. Megan really liked it too, when she went. It's a beautiful thing!

April said...'re not back yet!! c'mon write stuff.