Tuesday, January 10, 2006

We're baaaaaaaaaaacck!

Well, fior those of you who have been checking my blog everyday many times over waiting for a post. Here it is. Dustin and I had the MOST AMAZING WEEKEND EVER! We just got back from a four day weekend (well actually five if you count the day we were stranded in Revelstoke because the highway was closed) ski trip in Golden with my family. I always forget how loud and crazy my family is until we're all stuffed together into one place.

So, lets start at the beginning. We arrived in Golden Friday afternoon after being stuck waiting for anhour while they performed a controlled avalanche. It would have been cool if we could have seen an avalanche. But the best we got to see was an army truck with a connon on the back drive by. owell. When we got there we we're greeted by the open arms of my waiting family. Then we rushed to see the beautiful cabin we were to share for the next four days. It was even more beautiful then the pictures we'd seen. I stood in the door way and laughed as I watched them all running from room to room shouting at each other "WOW! Did you see that shower!? It's HUGE!" " THIS IS MY ROOM!" "DID YOU CHECK OUT THE LOFT!?" It took at least an hour for everyone to finally calm down enough to have a decent conversation. Not to mention how riled up the kids got.

So, the first day, we got ourselves unpacked and settled and ofter a good hearty supper we rounded up the kids and had them open up EVEN MORE PRESENTS! Much to thier delight and our chagrin. But, they were entertained ALL weekend with their new toys. And They both got tonnes of adorable new clothes. Especially Megan. Thanks to Aunty Amanda and Gramma. Then, when the kids were all sleeping soundly in their beds WE got to open OUR loot. Can you say spoiled? Our winnings included some very nice clothes and a substantial gift certificate to IKEA. Time to plan a trip to Vancity.

AND all this came before we even got on the ski hill. Which was pretty much amazing in itself. I was only expecting to be able to go for one half day, but I got some serious ski time in there. I made two major discoveries as well. Number one-I prefer ski blades over snowboarding. and number two-I don't really like hot tubs.
I made my first discovery my first time out on the ski hill. I was having a decent time. I'm... lets say okay at snowboarding. Not so bad that I slide down the whole time on my ass but not good enough to entirely keep up without complaining. So, it was the end of the day and my legs we're burning like they'd gone before me into the very pit of hell. I suggested we head back to bottom and have some nice hot chocolate. After about ten more minutes of intense burning from hell in my thighs I lay down in a heap on the snow near to tears. "Good thing we're almost done." I sighed.
"Uh...Chris?.....We're not even a quarter of the way down the mountain."


I praise the Lord above for my gentle and loving and patient husband who encouraged and literally carried me down the ski hill. I never knew I was such a wimp! AND never again will I make fun of my mother for doing the same as I. Imagine my bravery when the next day I went out and got back on the ski hill. Only this time I traded my snowboard in for some ski blades. Those are SO fun. SO easy! And much less tiring than a snowboard or even regular skis. I could have gone all day in those. I even managed to keep up to the boys. What's even wierder is that i'm not even sore.
Go figure.

So, the days flew by filled with skiing, games, food, laughter, cards, good conversation, and love. The kids played so good together I hardly knew they were there. Although Megan and Josh had it out a few times over "Mr.Snow", Josh's most loved and special Teddy Bear. They would just stand there both with a death grip on the bear yelling at each other. And I saw even more how much Ben likes to be alone. He did play with the kids and Aunts and Uncles but much of his time was spent with his new dinosaurs on the floor with his avid imagination.

Dustin asked me what my favourite part of the trip was on the way home. And I would have to say it was at night when all the kids were in bed and we were sitting around the table playing card and talking and laughing ourselves sick. Making up crazy rules to the games we were playing. Sometimes I forget how goofy my husband is until I get him into a room with my brothers and Travis.

I hate leaving after a great weekend with my family. But it's always so good to be home. We were delayed in Revelstoke overnight because or terrible weather. But we had fun with the kids. We went swimming and stayed in a nice Motel.

So, we're BAAAACCK!
Missed you all.
Sorry, no pictures. I did take lots but they're all on my mom's camera. Hopefully she or Becky posts them soon.


Stephanie said...

glad you're back christy..always miss reading your blog when you're gone!

Adele said...

It's great to have you guys back, I was kinda worried when you weren't home sooner so I'm glad you're all home safe and sound

Angella said...

Me too! and Graham missed Ben too :)

karen said...

welcome back!

Danica said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you're back on the blogging machine though. I really did come and check a few times each day. Have fun at Ikea.

Becky said...

It was SO FUN! It was hilarious the first day when we were running around the house looking at everything, Megan was following us around saying "WOW" and "Amazing"!! And I, too, hardly made it down the hill on the snowboard the first day. Snowblades are the best!! I'm glad you made it home safely too, Chris!

Stender Statement said...

Hey Christy... sounds like you had such a blast with your family! Aren't those times just the best? Good memories.

Sarah said...

hey Christy
that sounds like my family vacation...espically the part of running around checking out the places we stay in. Glad you had a good time!

Amanda Brown said...

It was AWESOME to see you for a few minutes last night (even though Dustin was probably thinking, "Laaaame! Is she ever NOT here?!?"). I missed you and am glad you're back, and that you had such a great time with the fam. :)

Becky said...

I'm starting to put up pictures, but blogger has decided to be lame and not let me all the time.. So it will be a slow journey getting them up. Keep checking in the days to come!