Friday, February 10, 2006

In other words...very fun.

Overheard as Ben and Megan played in the room next to me:
"Megan! Come to the Jungle with me!! There's scary tigers there! C'mon let's Run!!"
Running ensues.

I hear them panting after the spurt of running.
"Megan... this is EXTREMELY EXCITNG!"

Do other three year old say words like extremely exciting? Or do I have a smartie pants on my hands?


Elizabeth said...

Smarty pants!
You should come to Kamloops, then!!!
We want to come to Summerland, soon, though... what are you doing the 17th - 19th??

Angella said...

He IS a smarty pants! Graham too - he's used that phrase. I think they're going to outsmart us pretty soon...if they haven't already