Thursday, February 16, 2006

not a word

Today, I feel collectively worse than I have all week long.

not fun.

That said.... I am greatly encouraged and my heart swells with joy as I wake to read the precious thoughts and feeling of my better half this morning. No has ever made me feel as he does. It is INFINITELY inadequate to say that I merely love him.

He is my perfect match. And all his selfless acts of love this week in caring for me just confirm even more how he was made for me.


Kaili said...

So Sweet!
I hope you are getting some rest and feeling better soon. It's so hard to feel yucky and have to look after others. But it's wonderful to hear that your hubby is intouch and in love with you and helping you out. That's awesome!

Angella said...

You 2 are perfectly matched! And you can only get better, right?

Amanda Brown said...

What a romantic hubby you've got. So cool. Hope that today is a better day and that you get feeling better soon. :)

Elizabeth said...

We love you guys.
We aren't going to make the trip this weekend, we will catch you guys some other time, okay?
Get well soon!