Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ure Attention Please

Yes, I know, does not fit. But I think the massive man vehicle might give you all an indication as to who is writing. I figure that there is enough estrogen swimming around here that something this masculine would get your attention.
Really, the reason I am writing so late is that I am sitting here alone, my wife horizontal upstairs, ill and groaning. And sitting here alone, reading her blog has drawn me to write a little something of her quality. My wife has many times been weighed and I dont mean on a scale that informs of the need for dietary change. I mean to say that over the course of time of me knowing her she has faced a lot of trial, a lot of testing. Christy has proven to me over and over again how noble and capable she is. There was a time when I layed in a hospital bed void of thought, just barely realizing I was alive. My mind seemed to open and close. But what I remember most clearly are the moments when she was in the room, the moments when I felt her hand warmly holding mine, when I would hear her sniffling and wiping her tears, when I would feel her life as she kissed my head. She is full of life, and she will not and cannot stop spreading it.
Those moments and others, fighting to see our children born, courageously wiping and washing and picking and fixing and singing and kissing and cooking and reading and feeding day after day, following and supporting and encouraging as I have floundered and struggled to lead. She is radiant. And now, despite being oppressed by sickness she continues. Her strength has given me life since the day I first saw her. She has captivated me and I will fight for her with all my life. May she wake up tomorrow free from pain and sickness. Christy, you have been weighed and measured and your quality is priceless, your spirit if a treasure that is eternal. God has blessed me indeed.


sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

wow! I just have to say you guys both seem to be so awesome and the love you have for your wife is so touching. You guys are both very lucky. I hope Christy is up and well soon!

Becky said...

She really is a great girl. Nice to see a post from you too, Dustin! Love you guys

Angella said...

You have been blessed INDEED! So glad I get to call her friend.

J & C said...

This is so sweet. You to seem to be so lucky to have found one another.

Jen said...

Wow. O.k. I'm crying. You guys are a perfect match. You are both blessed to have found each other.

Get well soon, Christy!

Stephanie said...

A testimony of love made so much more meaningful by the way it is evident in real life, not just some words on a screen. I have learned much from your relationship, from our laughs together and the way struggles I know exist are dealt with. Thank you both for your honesty and your willingness to share. Love you both

Elizabeth said...

I agree that Christy is priceless!
You are too, Dustin.
Love you guys!!!
~Elizabeth, Justin and Hunter

Danica said...

Awwwwwww! I usually miss you guys whenever I read Christy's blog. Now I really miss you guys. You're such a wonderful pair.
Get well soon!

Kaili said...

That is such a touching post. Very sweet! Christy, I hope you are feeling better.