Thursday, March 23, 2006

My explanation.

Sorry I haven't been posting regularly. I've been spending the time I normally do blogging and reading blogs istead reading and reflecting. It's been just wonderful. And I think I'm going to continue with it. I feel refreshed and renewed and inspired and excited. I'm learning and I feel like God is just beginning a new work in me. I'm so filled with His joy and peace.
So, just so you all know, I'm not "quitting my blog" but you should expect a new post maybe once a week or so from now on as opposed to once a day. And can I just say for the record that Max Lucado is an amazing author. I'm reading one of his books called "Come Thirsty" and it's so what I need right now. I recommend. Hope you all have a blessed day.
Oh, and Megan is back to her happy, mischevious self again. My heart is thankful and blessed.


Becky said...

I've been doing the same thing, too. Except instead of relaxing I've been freeking busy with homework! You put it so elequently, whereas I dont even know if I spelt "elequently" right. Love you, sis!

Amanda Brown said...

It sounds like you've thought this through and the benefits of taking a little breather from daily blogging is just fine with me. Of course I will miss your daily posts, but you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

Angella said...

I'd rather see you in person, anyway :)

Max Lucado rocks - I get a devotional by him emailed to me :)

Susie said...

I think that is an absolutley fabulous idea. You go girl. If you read any more good books, be sure to share. I love reading.

Danica said...

Good for you, SUCKY for me.

Isabella said...

So glad to hear Megan is doing better, I just read all the posts at once and I was in such turmoil for her! I totally hate it when my baby is sick! And Max totally rocks, amen to that. I just got one of his books called "The Cure for the Common Life" and am so looking forward to today's quiet time!

nelly said...

I too have read Max's book ,come thirsty and I loved it,as I do all his books, he really is a great writter. Yay ! meggie is all better! See you soon Love MOM

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