Saturday, March 25, 2006

shock and awe!

This is a true story. I tell you this not because I feel like bragging per say but because I feel like this whole scenario has reminded me so clearly of the gift of God's grace, or unmerited favour to me.

As it is, my birthday just so happens to fall on this coming Monday. And so naturally this weekend is the perfect time for celebratory activities. My husband being the main man in charge of said activities and gifts. Now, to claritfy, there is a certain electronic apparatus that I have been pestering my husband about for well over six months. I've done all I can to convince him how much I would love this device and how it will aid in pursuing certaing dreams and hobbies for the future. Now, this particular brand and make of the device is more lavish and expensive than anything I really need or that we can really afford and so I had recently come to the conclusion that this dream will remain and a dream and I shall learn to be happy and content with my current, lesser device. Amd truly I was content and happy with this choice.

As this particular story would have it Dustin arrived home yesterday after work with a beautiful birthday card written in his typical, eloquent loving manner. Declaring his love and affections for me and how I deserve so much more than he can give me. And this gift is but a small token of how much he loves and appreciates me. (choke* sob..) I know. He's a jem I tell you. Out of the card falls a user guide to THE VERY THING I"VE BEEN WANTING AND BUGGING AND PESTERING HIM ABOUT FOR SO LONG!!


Never in a hundred years did I believe he would get this for me.

And yes. I. Cried.

Still he held me and proclaimed how very insufficient this gift was and how I deserved so much more.

This is the best birthday gift ever!

And then, last night I lay in bed considering how utterly TOO MUCH this all was. And how, I really don't deserve it and it's more than I ever imagined. And a beautiful image of God's grace came to me. Such a lavish gift! One so huge and significant that we wouldn't even dare ask for something so valuable! And yet. It's offered! Freely given. How can that be?! A gift that can never perish spoil or fade. Unlike my new gift that I treasure so which will one day sit rusting and broken in a heap on the junk yard floor. I am humbled again.

In addition to all these amazing gifts I so humbly accept... we are overjoyed to announce that we are indded carrying our third child. Some have mentioned that they think we're crazy, but is there any other gift more beautiful than that of another child? I can scarcely think of anything I have desired in this life more than to have children of my own. And now to acknowledge the gift of another new life...? It's almost too much for to take it all at once. This truly is the greatest of birthdays!

Plus, my mommy comes on monday to stay for a week.

My cup runneth over, and over, and over. . .


Angella said...

Well, if you're crazy, then SO AM I!

We'll have to take a photography course before babies Dykstra & Heigh arrive :)

Robyn said...

Congratulations! Summerland must be the baby capital in Canada at the moment :)

Jen said...

Congrats Christy!

Joyce said...

that is fantastic! Congratulations! oh how I miss being preganant!!! I quess 6 is a quiver full for us! The Lord is so good to them that love Him!

Poetsch Family said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday. What an exciting time for you guys.

Elizabeth said...

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, I can't believe it, well.. actually I can. I don't read your blog for one day, tehn the next day.. BAM!!! Sweet
So excited for you!

karen said...

Congrats! I missed the blog for a few days too, then actually heard the news in person! That's so exciting for you guys!

Kaili said...

How exciting, Baby #3!!!! Congrats to you both! You guys do make very beautiful Babies, so why not more. How wonderful!
I knew that after you talked about the Baby bug nagging at you so bad that you wouldn't be far behind. :)
Happy Birthday!!!

Lisa said...

congratulations! Let me know how having three is :)