Monday, April 03, 2006

The boys

I went to the lot site last week where Dustin and the boys (Brad and Luke Riemer) were working on our house. I still can't believe we're actually building a house. I don't even feel old enough to own a house. And yet I'm rounding the corner to thirty in a few years.

I love visiting the boys at work. I know it's not easy to work with your friends and those three have had to really work at it but I love seeing them interact with eachother. Thier relationships are like miniature marriages. Each one bringing different ideas and gifts and personalities to the table. I love hearing thier roars of laughter and watching the groans and eye rolling as they each in turn tell thier horrifically lame jokes. I see each of them as a ten year old boy as they pick up pieces of wood and engage in thrilling "sword fights", for a moment all the responsibilited life has thrown at them disappears and they laugh them away. Believing they are once again young boys, free from the pull of the world. A world telling them what to do, where to be, how to do it.

And I also have seen how each of these men is shaping the other. Growing, and challenging and fighting through this life. Alone, and yet together. They have prayed together, and cried together and thrown thier heads back and laughed together. I love watching this. My hreart swells with joy and pride as I know that these men will always be there for each other. Even though our paths will shift and swerve directing us each to a new horison. The bond made in Christ is firm and sure. Strong and hearty.

Keep laughing boys. You have no idea the excitement I see in my little boy as he stands on the sidelines and watches, eyes wide and sparkling, his smile ever increasing. Longing to be there too. Yet, already there in his heart.


Becky said...

I love your new Camera because it means I get to read more blogs from you! And see more pictures! I'm lovin the picture blogs. I can totaly picture the eye rolling, lame jokes and sword fights.

Jen said...

It seems to be such a rareity that guys have deep, wonderful friendships like that. Those guys are blessed!

Susie said...

I think I cracked a tear with that blog, Christie. I just picture Kynan watching Dana with his friends with the same kind of admiration. It truly is breathtaking.