Thursday, April 06, 2006

What kind of kisser are you?

Stolen off Danica's blog. Apparently I'm a "sensitive kisser"

You Are a Sensitive Kisser

For you, kissing is a way to connect

And you need lot of care, attention, and privacy

It may take you a while to kiss someone...

But when you do, it's total fireworks


Jen said...

I am a "Soft Kisser"

Your kissing style is understated, but effective

You give soft, sweet, and soulful kisses to your special guy

And that's the key: he's got to be special to get your kiss

Because you don't just go around kissing anyone

Elizabeth said...

I am a sensitive kisser, too!

Becky said...

I'm a passionate kisser, Travis is a sensitive kisser. I don't think that the passionate kisser describes me, though.... Most likely to kiss a stranger? I dont think so!

Amanda Franks said...

That was a fun quiz, sign me up to the sensitive kissers

Angella said...

Here's what I got:

You are the most likely type to kiss a sexy stranger

Your kissing style is unpredictable and free spirited

You could kiss anyone at a drop of a hat

It's all about where your passion leads you

Interesting - good thing for Matthew I don't plan on kissing any strangers!

Adele said...

Yeah for being a Sensitive kisser!

Jules said...

That was a short quiz- just how I like 'em!

I'm on the Sensitive team as well