Monday, May 01, 2006

Isn't he/she lovely?

Here is our first glimpse at the wonder that is our baby. Growing, heart beating, wriggling about in a mass of fluid. How wonderful to witness a tiny life being knit together day by day. According to the tech she said I was about ten weeks along. My due date then being about the 27th of November. Which I'm sure will come all too soon. I thought maybe I was farther along than that because of the fact that my belly is poking out sooner than last time. But, I guess my uterus just knows what to do.
I did get scolded for not drinking the water. Only I did drink the water but I think I downed it all too fast as it promply came right back out in a fluid gushing motion about ten minutes before the appointment. I left a HUGE puddle on the road outside of RONA. I also got a few disgusted looks from drivers passing by, as my head hug out of the car door. Good times.
I just wanted to share my strawberry baby with you. Isn't it beautiful?


Angella said...

Where's the picture?

Jen said...

Great news Christy! I don't see it but it SOUNDS great. :)

Susie said...

I saw your beautiful belly poking out in church yesterday. I can't believe you are dhowing already. I am so excited for all my pregnant buddies.

Amanda Brown said...

So, you puked up all the water? You never mentioned that. :) And yeah, I don't see a picture either. Bring on the Strawberry Babe!

Kerri Zamudio said...

Christy, wow! Long time, no talk. Sorry, it's been so long but I was looking at Danielle's blog and found yours through it. Congrats on the upcoming baby. That's so exciting and the house too! We would love to hear from you guys. Kerri