Saturday, August 05, 2006

camping is good.

Okay, so I didn't drop off the planet or anything but I DID go camping. I bravely ventured on my first camping excursion, sans husband, to Moyie lake to visit with my dear family. I left Dustin behind in a trail of dust with a tupperware FULL of cookies (which he hardly touched), a fridge stocked with veggies (which he did not eat) and one giant casserole (which gave him the trots). You can't say I didn't try. As for the kids and I, we made it there in one piece after a good seven hours of driving. I have to say that next time I'm going to duct tape Megan's soother to her face. Trying to reach behind my chair and retrieve it while still driving got old. Fast. Real Fast. Well, we made it there anyhow.

Within minutes of being there Ben had already recieved his birthday present and was happily pedalling it up and down the campground. I was amazed at how quickly Ben learned to ride it. What a big boy! Of course even though it wasn't Megan's birthday Grampa and Gramma got her a bike too. We can't have any jealously now can we? Let me just say right now that I do not plan to get into the habbit of buying gifts for all the kids on each birthday. But as for Gramma and Grampa. Go nuts! Megan however has not quite mastered the art of pedalling and looking where you are going. Or of even holding onto the handlebars for that matter. She would lazily drape her arms and upper body over the handlebars and let grampa walk behind her pushing AND steering. That got pretty old pretty fast too. What a character that kid is.

Some trip highlights without droning on for hours on end about poopy pit toilets and constipation:
*Sequence and Sudoku games.
*Megan's adoration of her Grampa. Wonderful and amazing to see. I too was SUCH a daddy's girl at her age. She's also beginning to see how easy it is to manipulate that soft old man to doing your very whim. (Love you dad).
*Ben and cousin Joshua's ever increasing friendship. They were inseperable.
*Being able to READ A BOOK!
*Getting to talk late into the night with my mom, dad and sister in law Amanda.
*Toasty marshmellows.
*Chubby little chipmunks with no fear.
*Coming home to my hubby who wecomed me with open arms and a new gigantic pottery barn decorating book. he knows me SO well. I LOVE pottery barn. If it ever comes to Canada and becomes less expensive I will live there. (I know there's one in Vancouver, I've been there but it's REALLY small and not at all like what's on the website.)


Danica said...

When I came home from your house, Matt had not touched the food I left in the fridge either.
Grandparents give such good gifts!
You got to read a book!?

Jules said...

Nothing beats camping with family eh? Sounds like you had a great time.

Also, there is a pottery barn right by my place in Calgary, and I think it's a fairly big store (it just opened up). let me know if you ever want me to pick something up for you! I'm always making trips back and forth to the Okanagan anyways.

Kaili said...

Where did you go camping? Sounds like you all had fun!

Amanda said...

I am glad you had a good time but even more glad that you're home sweet home and now you can hang out with your dear friend Amanda and her adorable baby girl. :)

Elizabeth said...

So glad that you had a great time!

The Sheppard's said...

Just a note about the best store in the world...Pottery Barn... There is one here in Calgary.... BEAUTIFUL!!!

Bekah said...

Good for you Christy! I was at Jen B's wedding this weekend, Most of Cabin M was there except for Nancy and Leah! Jen was stunning, it was great to see a wedding that was so focused on Christ - and his sovergn hand that make marriages work! I am reading (studying) the pottery barn decorating book too right now- trying to find old minnonite auction sales to go to so I can get some old furniture to refinish and an old Barn ready to be torn down so Ade can make me a table and benches out of it. Well enjoy planning out your home - its so fun - and my advice - be brave with color - I cant wait to see the finished product!