Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jogging his so called "memory"

Why is it that men have such a hard time remembering names. Each and everytime I bring up a person that Dustin isn't closely aquainted with I have to go into a very detailed description of who that person is so he can locate where in his muddled brain that memeory is located.
For example...
We are in the process of selling our townhouse so we can move into the house we're building in September. A local realtor, let's call him "Brian", has been calling on a regaular basis trying to get us to give him money so he can sell our place to his customers. Everytime he calls, which is quite often, I'll tell Dustin about it.
"Brian called again today."
"Brian who?"
"You know...Brian. The realtor guy. The guy who initially wanted to buy our place but now he can't cuz him and his wife havn't lived in Canada long enough to get a mortgage so now he's trying to sell our place to someone else for us by trying to get us sign something so he can get some of our money. You know that guy."
"Right. Brian."

This is very common. For every new person I meet I have to memorize not just their name but a garbled slew of info to spew forth to my husband everytime I want to tell him anything about anyone. it's a good thing I'm good with names.

However, the funny thing is, if i give cetain people a new name or nick name to go by he usually picks up who I'm talking about.

"Hey, honey...ChumpChange called again."
"The Realtor Guy?"

See what I mean?


Kaili said...

I can relate to everything you are saying, Robin is the same. Sillyness!!!

Elizabeth said...

That's too funny. I can totally see your faces and hear your voices as you tell this story. Looking forward to seeing you soon, if all is okay still.

Jules said...

LOL! oh, the mind of a male.

That's hilarious...and so true!

Angella said...

Oh my WORD! Matthew is EXACTLY the same...sigh...


See you later!

Jen said...

hahaha. This post made me laugh outloud. So true!

T said...

That is hilarious...cause it's SO very true! Must be a guy thing=)

Danica said...

I've actually gotten to the point where I just say something like 'the oldest daughter of the guy who married your brother is coming over to babysit'. He never even asks for a name and I think why bother supplying one?

marcandorkylie said...

Marc does this too all the time. I always know if Marc doesn't remember someone's name at church or a social function because I always have to introduce myself. I was recently reading a book called the Tipping Point and it said that many married couples unconsciouly choose what they are going to remember and then divy up this information so that they don't have to remember everything. (Ex: Marc has taught my countless times how to jump the battery in our car but I never remember because I know he will just do it or I will phone him for help.) It's strange though how all men have this name problem! Kylie

Matthew Grunert said...
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Matthew Grunert said...

...of the GUY WHO MARRIED YOUR BROTHER???!!! and you have troubles understanding the mind of a male?!

(oops, posted twice... what a tard)

Vicki said...

So true. Really must be a guy thing. So, pretty much everyone has a nickname.

April said...

Kevs is quite similar too.

Baby is still breech. Healthy but breech.

Its nice to see Dustin's parents here as well as the Reimer clan. You guys should've come too. How is the house coming along? Any new pics of that?

Becky said...

Are you going camping with mom & dad? If so, when? If I get this next weekend off we might pop over, but thats pretty unlikely since it is the store's grand opening.