Monday, August 20, 2007

Roughin It.

These are from about a month ago, but i had to share anyways. These are clips form my camping adventure with my family. I've been waiting because I've been wanting to have something meaningful and witty to say to go along with my pictures but my brain is fried. I've got nothing left. So, enjoy the pictures anyways.

We stopped at the Log Barn on our way home and visited the goats in the petting zoo. For some reason Megan fell in love with this little guy and just didn't want to leave him alone. It was pretty precious.

D-Man tearing it up behind the boat.
A buck. I'm not sure when this was spotted but Dustin took the picture. You can't have a series of camping pics without a buck.
My sister in law Amanda with her mini-me Cadence.
My sister Becky lookin HOT. With her baby dog Chloe.
My poor baby girl got stung on the lip by a wasp. She was so brave and barely shed a tear.
Ben told me had to pee so I said "c'mon lets go " and he thought i meant rightnow! So here he is...peeing. Don't worry we kicked some rocks over the pee spot so it was sanitary.
Daddy tossing Meg around.
My brother and his mini-me.
My hubby with HIS mini-me.
Best friends and cousins for LIFE. Ben and Josh. I need to get this on my wall.
Max's baby brother Duke.

Ben got a Transformer for his birthday from Gramma. He thinks it's "SWEET!"
My little bro has skillllz on a wakeboard.
And of COURSE a picture of a squirrel.

Enjoy what's left of summer.


Jen said...

Great pictures Christy! I really love the one of Megan in mid-air. :)

Looks like a great trip.

Susie said...

Loving the pics. You truly are a great photographer. I love the one with Meg and the goat. And I call Dana Dman too. Too funny. Invite is still open for you to come out and visit with the kids....

Jennie said...

Beautiful pictures! The action wake-boarding shots are especially impressive.

Angella said...

Great photos, per usual :) I love them ALL!

Amanda Brown said...

It's about TIME you updated, GAWSH.
I am really disappointed with these photos, though. They all suck.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT! It's opposite day! I love them and they, of course, don't suck.
Man, I'm lame. See you at looonsh.

Kelly said...

you are so incredibly talented with your photography. The wake boarding ones are super. We did some boarding last weekend and my pictures were awful. Bought a new camera and am inspired again!

Becky said...

You guys are both so amazing with a camera in hand. I'm going to steal that picture of me for my facebook profile. I never have any pictures of me! Once I get home, that is... since work blocked facebook:(

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Your pictures ARE glorious, as usual. :)

Baby Olivia - poor thing. I can't believe she got stung on the lip..but it made for a great picture! You are an ace with that camera girl!

And loved the video of you guys on amanda's blog...very cute and nice dancing skills. you guys are a fun group!

joyce said...

I always love seeing your pictures. Have you thought about taking pictures professionally? P.S. Olivia is so cute...even with her fat lip.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful shots, Christy!

shannon said...

Oh my word, Olivia looks so much like Dustin, especially with that fat lip! Just kidding, well not about her looking like Dustin, she really does.

Alexandria said...

Did you know that urine is sterile??? Fun fact from nursing school.
P.S. I watched that video on Amanda's blog, and I must say, you are a far greater dancer than I, even for a white chick. :)
Your camping trip looked SOO fun!!

Filtering Life said...

We weren't invited...You hussy! Great pictures...I feel like I was there even though I wasn't invited (kicking dirt) I do resent that that dog is named after my child....Chloe is clearly the perfect name for a chubby baby, not a Yorkie, but whatever. Looks like a wonderful time and BEAUTIFUL scenery.

Vicki said...

Awesome - like always!*

*except for the bee sting. Poor (but brave) girl!