Wednesday, April 09, 2008


This is Amanda.

She is my friend.

She makes me laugh.

She thinks the first photo is a fat picture but I love it.

And her.

Monday night she called me. "Are you still coming to the States with me to pick up my amazing new stroller?"


So yesterday morning we left the kids with my amazing, wonderful, selfless husband who OFFERED of his own volition to watch them all to allow me and one of my most dear friends to have a morning to ourselves. She's one of few people in my life who totally gets me. We just click. We laugh together, cry together watch smutty (not too smutty and ANTM smutty) TV together and we both have a really hard time saying no to a good cookie. Especially those made by the famous Angella. We bring out the best and the worst in each other and drive our husbands crazy when we get together. Moving won't be so bad though cuz I'm packing her up and taking her with me.
The morning was beautiful. A perfect day for a drive through Okanagan country. We got into Oroville without a hitch and picked up the Stroller from a parcel storage place run out of a dumpy old building owned by a woman with THE worst mullet I've even seen. Bad bad bad mullet. Short up top and loooong in the back. Amanda asked me how any stylist could cut hair like that in good conscience. I've thought about some more, and I'm making an assumption here, but I imagine her stylist has the exact same hair.
After we loaded up her saweet new Phil and Ted's stroller we carried on the get it back over the border and fork over the Tax and Duty for it. We got to the border and discovered there was no invoice. So they sent us inside to figure things out. They told us unfortunately the cashier was busy doing a "c-search" so we were free to go. "C-Search"? Are you serious? I'm assuming the "c" stands for cavity. O dear. I didn't think that actually happened all that often. Yikes!
I'm glad we made it through without having one of those. Plus Amanda avoided paying tax and duty. And so of course we had to go out for lunch.
Amazingly enough, when we got back all the ids were happy and in one piece. Dustin even lied to make us feel better and said they were a breeze. What a guy.
Oh yeah...go to and donate. Was that show not amazing last night?


Amanda said...

Sweet post, TeeTee. It was a fun trip and I am eternally thankful to Dustin for being so willing to entertain The Monsters while we had our little getaway.

PS: I have been trying to comment on this post for a couple days but there was no link to comment. Weird.

Angella said...

Yay! I can comment!

And tell you that next time you go on such a fun trip?



Sort of.

Filtering life said...

OOOOOhhhh my two favorite Canadians in one American trip. Couldn't swing through Virginia on your way to WA? Come on, it is just SLIGHTLY out of the way but totally worth seeing me before I burst. Sounds like a great time. I love the pictures of not a fat picture!

Pete and Mel said...

Hey Christy,
I'm excited that you're moving to Lethbridge. I would love to see you, it's been a million ages. And yes, we're pretty sure it's a girl, but his thing may have been hiding on the ultrasound. I'm not about to run out and buy girl clothes. I'll stick to gender-neutral stuff until she pokes her little head into this world.