Friday, April 04, 2008

What day is it again?

Where did the month of March go? Somehow that Month decided to just go on and fast forward through my life. For those of you that are loyal and faithful checkers of this blog I thank you. Are there any of you still out there? I know that there hasn't been much posted since Christmas but I suppose it's just not a priority. Sorry. I'm not even going to try telling you that I'm going to try and post more often cuz frankly...I don't really care all that much anymore. I still enjoy this blog and I'll post when I can which will likely be once a week or less. Maybe just start checking every friday or something and save yourself the time.

So, house status...

Offer made...counter offer by us....accepted...pending on the sale of their house. YAY! But, sort of not yay cuz I don't know if I should start packing or just keep lying on the couch all day like I've been doing. Don't take that entirely literally. I only lay on the couch for like...half the day. Or something like that. It feels good to not be working on the house. REAL goooooooood! It's nearly impossible to motivate me to do anything nowadays. The thought of the impending stress of packing and moving a proving over leaves me feeling overwhelmed and totally in a funk. Can we fast forward three months to the time where I'm settled and done this already? No? Booooooo.

Whatevs...there are some good things to tell of.

Emblem status...

We now have almost (so close I can nearly taste it) all the equipment needed for extreme awesome unstoppable photoganza! Well....who am I kidding is there ever enough photo equipment to satiate a photographer? I'm thinking no. Anywhozit, There will be much much more happening over the next few months. WEDDINGS! FAMILY SHOOTS! COUPLES! Again I say...BOOK US! Do it now before we start charging arms, legs and heads for us to shoot you. That's a violent sounding sentence if ever I heard one. Keep a look out for some major changes to our website over the next while too. T'will be way better. Go Dustin go!

Here's a few of the photos we've taken in March.

These first few were taken in Penticton at a golf course. We were on our way to White Spot for breakfast on my birthday and we saw the most beautiful ice on the trees. It would seem it's a little too early for the morning sprinklers.

C'est cool n'est pas?

And a few abstract photos at the park.

And my Shlivia.
I need this photo as proof that sometimes ben and Megan do, in fact, get along.

I'm tired. Why is facebook so much easier to put up photos?
Have a good weekend!
What day is it again?


Cerulean Bill said...

Photoganza? I expected nothing less, given your eye and your skill.

Jen said...

I HATE moving. But maybe knowing that once you move you can start feeling settled, at home and knowing that you won't move for a long long time will help you get over the slump. It helped me.

Love the pics, as always. You know you are a true photographer when you stop to take pictures on the way to get food. I would have thought "Wow, that looks pretty. If the sun hasn't melted it maybe we'll stop and take some pictures when my belly is full."

Angella said...

C'est TRES cool.


Amanda said...

What cool and unique angles of the kids at the park!
It still has not sunk in that you're moving. It makes Jesus angry. :)

Karen said...

Very cool pictures, Christy!

Love them!

Bloggy Mama said...

Love you, Christy. Wishing you a happy move.

Roz said...

You guys rock. like really rock

only 6 months to goooooooo yipeee!

Prue said...

I'm still here! Those photos of the icy trees were amazing! We don't get anything like that here in Australia. Well, at least not in Sydney.

Enjoy the lazing around for the little while that you have left. Hope the house sale is finalised quickly and goes through without a hitch.

Pete and Mel said...

Where are you moving to?