Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fresh Photos

Okay, the gates are open... check out some of our newest photos on
Just click on weddings to see Martin and Kristin's wedding in Canmore, Alberta and click on couples to see Ben and Becca's engagement photos in Lethbridge, Alberta. The newest images will always show first in the slideshow.

We have been so blessed with such wonderful people to work with. They make our job so fun and so easy. We have to thank Martin and Kristin for their energy and real joy for life, it was an honor. Ben and Becca, you guys are beautiful and such hams, we had so much fun.

man, we sure did.


Stephanie and Brad said...

yup, you guys are pretty much the greatest. continually amazed and impressed.

Amanda said...

I had Steve check out their photos on your site and he, who usually just shrugs at stuff like that, said, "Those photos are amazing." You have wowed my perpetually unimpressed man" no small feat.
I LOVE the pics and am sure that Kristin and Martin will cherish them for a lifetime.