Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here to There. Or Someplace in Between.

The last few months have been, um, a little insane and it's only going get worse over the next few. Not bad insane just a bit of a roller coaster ride. It's been awhile since I've posted anything on here personal. Seems everything on here has to do with Emblem these days. But, that is not all that our lives consist of. Far from it. The past months we've been doing all sorts of fun things with family and our kids. Remember those guys? I heart them. We've been having lots of fun vising family over in Merrit and we even made a road trip all the way out to the prairies to visit my family and scout out our new home. Remember D's cowboy post? Yeah, that's going to be his new home. At least I won't have to drag him kicking and screaming.

Many people have been asking us how we feel about moving and why we're moving. There's so much weight and complexity to the answers of both of those questions. There's no one reason or feeling to sum this all up. How can I? How can I not feel sad to leave a place that's been my home for over four years? Four WONDERFUL years no less. And yet how can I not be excited to move forward to a place that offers us so much? Freedom from debt, the support and availability of family, the opportunity to pursue a dream that we didn't even knew existed until it was staring us in the face. I think I need to discover a way to live two parallel lives. Oh man, it's going to be an emotional month. I apologize in advance if this blog turns into an emotional barf bag. I'll try to empty it out every now and again so it doesn't smell.

As far as moving dates go we've decided to move next month. Even though our house hasn't sold yet. Whodda thought? This is the only option we have left that makes any sense. Our August-October is filled with emblem stuff for Lethbridge area. We feel as though we have no choice. I really hope and pray/plead with God that we will sell or at least have an offer by the time we move. I don't think I can handle the stress of having two homes for that much longer. I know that there's a bigger picture I just want to see it really bad right now. This always happens to me. Things get stressful and I fear that I'm losing control (control that is just an illusion) and I have such a hard time leaving my future in the hands of a loving God who has never failed me. I know it doesn't make sense to me either. Patience....I need some. Trust....and that too. And if you see me....maybe a hug.

Okay, other than that....things are great. ;)

As for the little people....
Megan slammed her finger in a door at my parents house and it looked mighty nasty for about a week until it got stepped on and some of the pressure released. Now we're waiting for the nail to fall off.
You know, for a former nurse I'm really not all that tough.
She is still Megan, hot headed, stubborn, vocal, and yet most often sweeter than honey. Her emotional pendulum swings far and wide. There is no steady with her. She is so me. My poor, poor husband.
Olivia is the same hilarious kid. Words are exploding everyday and she continues to amaze us with her many, many unique and strange facial expressions. She managed to get out of her crib and out the front door while being watched by friends of ours. And because of God's great love and mercy she was discovered in their backyard before she wandered farther as the sun went down. When I think about the what ifs...I get really overwhelmed. See what I mean? There is not a doubt in my mind that God's hand is in control here. whew....crisis averted.
Ben is still growing and changing and challenging us everyday with his irritating whys and attitude. But, he has a sweet, gentle nature and a crazy fun imagination. And what a gifted artist he is. He teacher is constantly raving about his art work. Could he BE any more like his dad?


Dustin....well....he continues to be a rock to me. A source of great encouragement and love. He is so perfect for me. As the years go by and I see more and more people struggle in their marriages and relationships the more thankful I am to have him as my husband. Yeah, sometimes I wanna punch him square in the neck, but for the most part I wanna hang on to him so tight and never let go. This life is way way too short guys.
Dustin was sharing with me the other day after we'd watched the movie "Bucket List" (SEE THIS MOVIE! DO IT! DO IT NOW!) that after he'd had this epiphany of sorts. Thinking about how short this life is that we life and how important it is we hold onto the moments that are entirely too fleeting. How wonderful and amazing it is that we have this opportunityin this photography business to meet people and to love them and to show them how beautiful they are. It's our new slogan..."we'd love to meet you and have the chance to show you how beautiful you are." This is the beauty of life. Relationships...living in that moment...being with those you love...cherishing them...what a treasure to witness and capture families and loved ones in those moments. How cheesy do I sound right now? It's only cheesy if it's not true. So, this is NOT cheesy. I love how Dustin feels his emotions so deeply. Except when the pendulum swings to the brooding side and those emotions come to bite me in the behind. A sensitive and caring man is a rare find indeed and I am so willing to take the good with the bad on this one. And no you can't have him, he's mine!
I feel like I've totally lost my train of thought here. I blame our crazy life and the jumbling effect it has on my brain. And with that I realize it's time for me to stop with the writing. I will, as always, leave you with some gems of the last month.
I'll be back, but I won't guarantee I'll make any more sense.

This is a new favourite of mine taken on a road trip pee break at the side of the road. Look at the love. What a rare tender moment. Is it just me or are my kids really cute?
A very typical Olivia face. Lips out, eyes blank. Helloooo in there....anybody hoooooooome....Cousin Chloe cuddling with a snoozing Papa. Er... his arm anyways.
Livia's checking out her kooky Gramma. (Just kidding mom.) Well, sort of kidding. I have seen you play Guesstures you know?
Catchin stuff. It's what boy's do.
Yeah...you can imagine the screaming that went on over this. Not a fun few days.
Did alot of this.....
And lastly...how cute is he?
So cute.


Angella said...

Great update, Christy.

This month will be a rough one, I am sure of it.

But you are surrounded by great friends (me included!) who will be here for you to walk with you through it.

Love you!

Bloggy Mama said...

Fantastic, girl. We're going to miss having you so close. When you're in Merritt next, let us know... maybe we'll meet you...

Jennifer said...

Hey Chris - it's great to hear about what God is up to in your life and how you are dealing with it honestly before Him. I pray that He will be really glorified in all of this and that you will draw closer to Him through it all. We're excited to see where God takes you and Dustin and are delighted to hear that you're embracing the journey and leaving the destination up to God. I love the new slogan - it speaks of the ministry that you've been given to capture hearts, not just photos. I pray that you guys will continue to "feed (His) sheep" in ever increasing, selfish and intimate ways. We're off to Japan in a few weeks. Can't wait to see what God has planned for us there.

Love you guys -
Swiss Family Frentz

Roz said...


Jen said...

Great to get a personal update from your family.

This will be such a hard month, I can't even imagine. But I also can't even imagine the relief you feel when you are settled in your new home, free of stress, debt and worry.

Shelley said...

Those kids of yours are pretty darn cute! Although, so are my nieces and nephews. Could you imagine if we had them ALL in the same together? People's heads would explode from the cuteness!

Prue said...

Glad you've got some certainty for the move, even if you haven't sold yet. It will happen with God's perfect timing - it always does! But here's a big Australian hug for you anyway [Huuuugggggggggg]. Not sure if it differs much from other hugs but it is from a long way away! Oh, yeah, and your kids ARE very cute!

Ashley said...

Moving away is never easy. It's so hard to feel torn between the sad and the excited emotions. (We remember all too well last summer) Just take this last month to revel in the greatness that God has given you. Friendships that will undoubtedly last through, time, moves, distance and life - they survived pregnancy didn't they?:) A family to move with who'll keep you laughing because they can, and probably be the cause of a little hair pulling baldness (don't worry it'll grow back) and the family/friends you're moving too. They've missed you, they are counting down the days until you're "theirs" and they'll hug away those tears. It'll also give you guys the excuse to have those weekend visits that are full of girlfriends, way too much sugar and the kind of laughter that results in a sweet bikini 6 pack.

We're praying for you, you'll do great. If you know that this is His plan for you then only the right things will happen.

Danica said...

So cute!
What a great post Christy. I will pray that your house sells - and it will. Since you're getting all emotional, I will too. Knowing you and Dustin (as a couple as well as individuals) has been such a blessing to Matt and me. When I'm going mental and I need an image of God's strength in two people, you guys are where I find my mind wandering to. You've been such examples. And such a blessing as friends too! Love you so much!

Filtering life said...

Love the update. I got a junior high chuckle about this being a barf blog and cleaning it up before it stinks. Good one! Love hearing about your family one by one. So honest which is rare in blog world. Ryan and I were also impressed with Dustin's ability to share from the heart. It is a rare man who can use his words so boldly and still be a total dude. You have a wonderful family. I only wish we lived closer. Just think we could take picture of each other every day all day till death do we part. Too much? Yeah, maybe.
Megans finger....GAGGGGGG!!! That is nasty, but she sounds like a trooper!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Hey Christy. It is good to read an update from you and see pics of your beautiful kiddos. I thought of you and Amanda and Angella since we are vacationing right now near Canada! We went to Glacier national Park and into Waterton Canada for the day a few days ago. tomorrow we head to British Columbia (not sure of the town) - we are staying in Idaho and the country here is pretty. I hope I can come back to Canada someday when we can devote more time to it Anyway, I thought it was neat when I saw signs to Lethbridge!

I pray your house sells and that God stills your heart in your move. Good luck with the move and all.