Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making the most.

This will have to be short (as usual) because things around here are still crazy (as usual). But, I just had to let you all know that after my initial breakdown I have been doing tremendously better. I am choosing to enjoy my amazing friends here and make the most of what is left here. Yesterday was filled with good friends and laughter. I am so blessed here.
Also, Dustin has an amazing opportunity this weekend to be a photographer at a longboarding competition here in Summerland. He is super excited to have this opportunity and be able to get a "backstage pass" to get some real dynamic photos. I'm sure they will be posted here before long.
Keep checking!


joyce said...

moving is soooo stressful. i hate it. but...every move we've made has resulted in something good happening.

anyway, i just visited your Emblem website and i know i've said it before...but I LOVE your pictures. guys are so talented!

Bloggy Mama said...

Yay. Also, over here... we are counting sleeps.