Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Accolades to my son.

Happy birthday to my only son. It's not actually his birthday until the end of August but I feel like it's today, as we are celebrating tonight. Besides he doesn't know any different. Which is probably a good thing seeing as I'm taking him to get his chicken pox vaccine on his birthday. How's that for a kick in the pants? Oh well, hopefully the giant sized Woody and Buz Lightyear dolls, sorry "action figures" (boys don't play with dolls) we got him for his birthday will be sufficient distraction from large needle poke in left arm. it should, he's been asking for them for over a month now. Yesterday he asked me if he could have a puppy, please please please PLEASE! I thought this kind of begging would come in a few years. Who taught him this anyways? I wish he could have a puppy. In fact I wish I could give him anything and everything he ever wanted if it meant he would keep that bright smile on his face. That certainly wouldn't help me out though now would it? Ah Ben, keep smiling. You truly are my Sunshine.

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Amanda Brown said...

Happy Birthday, Benny Light Year! It was a fun party last night, and it was great to chill with you. :)