Thursday, August 25, 2005


Well, celebrations indeed went well. There was enough sugar and excitement to keep Ben up all night and even in to the wee hours of the morning. That's my own fault. It was fun, there was food, there was presents, there was DC (Diet Coke- for those who aren't completely addicted like those of us here in Summerland) there were balloons and of course ice cream cake. What more could a nearly three year old ask for?
Ben was a little afraid of the cake sparkler as you can see in the picture.
I am very thankful so far to have birthday parties so far that contain mostly adults. I know there will come a day when there will be a dozen or more ten year old boys running around yelling at the top of thier lungs for hours on end talking about farting and video games. And this even before they're fed cake and candy. And probably this will go on well into the night. Sigh.

I do believe that Megan as well, thoroughly enjoyed herself. Her dinner consisted of licking ketchup off of a fork and then eating a bite of everyone else's cake. I'm surprised she stayed as clean as she did. She did manage to climb up the step ladder twelve feet or so all by herself to the top of the new unfinished deck off the master bedroom. Thankfully there were people there to rescue her from plummeting to the ground. Truly Megan, you have guardian angels working overtime.


Stephanie said...

Christy, I love reading your blog and finding out what is happening in your lovely family. It will be nice to keep up to date when I am at school. Also, Happy Birthday Ben. I'm sorry I had to miss out on the party!!..looks like fun

Danica said...

It looks like it was so much fun. Wish we could have made it. I can't believe how much Meg's looks have changed. They're beautiful and so are you!