Thursday, August 25, 2005

The true measure of success.

I've decided I'm going to buy new toys for my kids like EVERY DAY! They have been playing nicely together with thier new toys for HOURS! And it doesn't look as though they'll be bored of them anytime soon. I actually took a shower this morning BY MYSELF! The kids didn't even try to climb in with me. I'm amazed. Woody and Buz, I've officially adopted you into our family as true sons. Don't ever leave. It's so cute Ben will sit there and pull the string on Woody and repeat the phrases over and over. "Woo Hah!", "You're ma favourite deputy!", "thar's a snake in ma boot!", "Hi, I'm Woody!" And then when that get's old (after a long time) It's Buz's turn. "To infineeeee...AN BEYON!", "Buz Lightyear to the rescue!", I'm Buz Lightyear, I come in peace." Indeed you have Buz Lightyear and we welcome you to our planet. In fact, I crown you king of the planet Heigh.

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Angella said...

For Halloween, Ben should be Buzz (cuz he can "fall with style"), and Graham should be Woody, cuz I love the way he says it - "Wooooody"