Friday, August 26, 2005

There you have it! Or should I say, there I have it!

This Amanda, this is how much I love you. The very fact that I have posted this picture proves it. EVERY profile shot of myself that I have ever come across has been promptly destroyed. The urge to photoshop this image is almost more than I can handle. So, now you have no reason to be concerned about your "schnauz". Because when it comes to large, projective, bony prominences shooting from the front of one's face. I win. Or maybe that's the reason so many people get us mixed up and think were sisters. We're sisters with great noseness. Maybe just maybe I'll somehow be liberated from this nose posting experince and come to appreciate that which God has created me to be. As opposed to worrying for my whole life because my dad told me that I might end up with the same HUGE nose as his grandpa because noses and ears never stop growing so I'll end up being some ninty year old woman with no face left but just a giant nose for a head. And for all the reat of you... NO! I've never broken my nose. But I was dropped on my face when I was a baby. Don't laugh, it's true. Maybe that explains something. In fact, maybe it explains alot. But, I must be doing okay because somehow despite the grandios beak I ended up with a major hottie for a husband. Some one who could look past (or rather around) the nose to see the woman beneath.
So there Amanda. Let's just enjoy these things on our faces. We might as well, because we can't get rid of them. Well, we could but that just costs way to much money.


Amanda Brown said...

Your nose is pefect, Christy. If people think that we're sisters because of our striking profiles...I am honoured. We are hotties with honkers. Thanks for the great post!

Danica said...

One of my favorite photos of you that I have is a profile shot and I never ever even noticed your nose. All I see is one of the most beautiful people I know.
Love from Danica
hey - nice nose ring!