Thursday, July 06, 2006

Habby Birthday Sweetheart!

Today my dear hubby turns 26! I've been wanting to write something amazing and touching and profound as he always does about me or the kids. But, I'm not a gifted writer such as he is and so I thought I'd compile a list of al the things I love most about Dustin. and what makes him the greatest man alive. And I really do mean that. I have never met anyone like Dustin. Never. He far surpasses all other men in character, in love, in passion and in looks. (no offense to all my dear friends and thier wonderful husbands) I just like mine best.
I've never known another person to continually be evaluating themselves as Dustin does. So much of the moments throughout his day are spent digging, searching, reaching into his innermost being and trying to extract those parts of himself that are holy, godly, loving. And in turn trying to rid himself of everything that isn't holy, godly, and loving. He gets up early every morning to pour himself into God's word and prayer to equip himself to face his days. And in doing so, God has blessed Dustin with a wisdom and discernment that can only be heaven sent. He loves when it hurts him, and he gives of himself when there's little left to be given. He has sacrificed dreams and adventure to love and protect this little family that has come to mean so much to him. And yet, he will tell you that this life, right now is the greatest adventure of all.
All who know Dustin respect him. Girls swoon over him, men confide in him, and I love him.

I am so proud of him and who he has and is becoming. He is one the most gifted and talented people I know. I wouldn't be surprised if one day those talents he posesses brought him fame and recognition and yet he does not pursue it. Every time I hear Dustin speak to a crowd or display his art or read his writings it brings me to tears with pride and love. I am honored and blessed beyond measure to be the woman at his side encouraging him on. Believing in him. Cheering him on. Watching him grow.

And still the thing that I love the most about this man is the intensity of his love. I see it in his eyes as he watches me from across the room. I catch it in his smile as he cherishes our children. I watch as it grows even still in it's passion and intensity for all those he loves. Those friends that surround him daily, his loving parents as they too watch in pride as he grows. And most of all for His loving Father and Saviour Jesus Christ his love grows.
As he mentioned in church the other Sunday as he spoke. He sees His saviour in those that he loves around him.

And it is beautiful.

And so are you my sweetheart. Happy Birthday. I hope I can share so many many more with you!

Love Christy


Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Dustin!!

Jen said...

What a sweet tribute to him Christy. He really is something great.

Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Dustin! For all of his great qualities, you have just as many. A perfect match. And you make dang cute kids. Can't wait to meet the third. :)

nelly said...

happy Birthday Dustin! I too am a great admirer of yours. Those who ernestly seek Him, find him and shall be greatly rewarded. We love you so much and are so proud of you Dusty! Have a great day. Love always Your other Mom

Robyn said...

Awww, thats lovely. I love it when women brag about their husbands. I'm glad you have been given a man who is perfect for you and I hope you enjoy celebrating his birthday together :)

sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

That is so sweet, but I agree with Amanda - you have just as many great qualities. You guys ARE a perfect match. That is so neat. Happy Birthday Dustin.

Angella said...

Happy Birthday, Dustin! Matthew says it too :)

That picture from our double date made me think that we need to do it AGAIN sometime...especially before our baby #3's come along.

Hope you guys have a wonderful night out tonight!

Manda said...

Happy Birthday Dustin!!!! Sorry I didn't send you a card. My bad. I hope your day was awesome!!

Colin and Cyana Gaffney said...

Happy Birthday Dustin,

You might or might not remember me from Bibleschool but it's great to hear that you are both doing so well and that the Lord is continuing to transform you more and more into His image

Simply His

Colin Gaffney

Stender Statement said...

Christy, that was a beautiful post. It almost brought the tears on. Happy Birthday to Dustin! Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying Summerland. I'd love to come and visit someday! Love ya..Nanc