Monday, September 04, 2006

Of parade's and pit toilets.

As previously mentioned we have all been away the last week on our own separate adventures. Dustin had the time of his life with his dad, brother and brother in law canoeing the Bowron Lakes for the last week. Meanwhile the kids and I had a wonderful time with Gramma (D's mom), Auntie Danielle (D's sister) and beautiful cousin Chloe. From what I can gather, the boys had quite the adventures capsizing canoes and hiking in the rain and eating bannock over a hot fire. We girls had planned on camping for the entire week and after two fun but very busy days we packed up and headed home to Gramma's house. I know, we totally wussed out. It was fun while it lasted though. I think at some point all mom's with small children wonder why they ever take thier kids camping. It takes hours longer to get them to sleep and more work to keep them contained, even if one is limping.

Oh, and Megan's foot is not broken by the way. I suppose it's just sprained. She still has a bit of a limp but doesn't seem to complain about it. We had a blast the rest of the week going swimming and to the beach and to Music in the park and to the Merrit Labour Day Parade Which I do believe has been the highlight of Megan's two year existence on this earth as she cannot stop talking about it. Wierd. I find parades quite boring. Ah well, whatever blows your dress up. This past week was just what I needed before we go like snot to get outta here and into our new home. I wasn't prepared for how much I would miss the company and love of my amazing husband. We've been away from each other before but never when we couldn't talk. It's two days later and can still hardly detach myself from his side. I really like that guy! It was so sweet when Ben woke up one morning and came to the bed to see his Daddy sleeping there. He flew right over me into the strong arms of the one he loves. It's official, we belong together. All of us.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of my week away as I bravely allowed Dustin to use my camera. He practically had to pull it from my vice grip to take it FOR A WEEK! And IN A CANOE!!!! But, thankfully it returned in one piece with some sweet pictures of eagles and Osprey and Moose on it. And a picture of the "SWEETEST PIT TOILET EVER!!" I never imagined I'd hear the words "sweet" and "pit toilet" uttered in the same sentece. Never mond being used in such a way as to require an exclamation point. Will wonders never cease? I suppose I can put a few of his pictures on for the immense enjoyment of all. It appears to be a heavenly place. In fact I think one day I would love to embark on just such an adventure. No TV's, not cell phones, no deadlines or screaming kids...heavenly indeed.

I was so excited to hear of the final arrival of Vicki's little baby and the announcement of Susie's pregnancy. It's been an eventful week for all I see. Good to be back. I missed you all.


Amanda said...

Missed you too, Christy! I'm glad you're home. :)

Angella said...

Welcome home!

Manda said...

I definitely know about missing the husband thing! Only two more months to go. Sorry I didn't call for Benny's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNY!!!!! I figured you guys were camping and I was packing up to leave that day to go down to Lacombe. I hope his birthday was fun! How's baby? I'm glad Mags is okay. I've been worried about her. Love you all, talk to you soon!

Kaili said...

Welcome back, it sounds like you ALL had a great week away.
I have had MANY sprained ankles and it is supposed to be worse than a brake as far as pain goes. It is quite awful. How is Megan doing now? I bet that parade really healed her up good. :)

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Benny! I didn't call either becuase you were gone, but I was thinking about him all day, and I have been worried about Megs too. And by the way, the "hideous" curtains are not being changed because they are my favorite part of the room, and they are brand new.

Love you!